Things are well and truly warming up in the Northern Hemisphere and one of the hottest places to visit right now is the beautiful nation of Croatia (and not just because of the 13 hours of sunlight it experiences in the summer months!).

The country, and it’s borders, were once a matter of much argument. Those border wars, along with the complicated and centuries old background of the Croats, bring a rich history and many interesting stories. From the capital of Zagreb to the coastal towns of Dubrovnik and Split, there’s always something interesting to see, eat, and experience.

Want crystal blue beaches? Head to the Dalmatian Coast.
Love your coffee? The locals in Zagreb (and most of the country) take their coffee very seriously so you’re sure to get a G-R-E-A-T cup o’ joe wherever you are.
Feel like partying like it’s 1999? Check out Hvar Town on any given night and you’ll be sure to find others to party until dawn with.
Are you a bit of a history buff? With a country that has a documented history spanning over 1000 years, you’re sure to find a Roman ruin or a museum of some sort that will interest you.

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