The Holidays…not as seen on TV

The Holidays. The phrase makes you think of twinkling Christmas lights lining snow-topped roofs, eggnog and spiced rum by the fireplace, and ice-skating at Rockefeller Center. Growing up we were told about Santa ‘dashing through the snow’ and received Christmas cards depicting winter nights and families snuggled inside a warm house. There was not a single Christmas/NYE movie that didn’t feature snow, fireplaces, and everyone needing to rug-up before stepping outside.

As a child growing up in Australia this didn’t seem right to me. Our Christmas is in summer meaning the air-con was on and our advent calendars tended to melt in the lead up to the big day.

Everyone knows what happens during the holidays in the Northern hemisphere – let me tell you how they’re done ‘down under’. Continue reading “The Holidays…not as seen on TV”