Too poor to travel? Never!

So you’ve read up on a country that you’re dying to go to, or perhaps you’ve seen some stunning pictures on Instagram making you dream of a faraway place, either way you would also have thought ‘I can’t afford that’ and wished you’d never even heard of the place.

I’m here to tell you that travel itself isn’t as expensive as mainstream media lets you believe. Sure, who wouldn’t want to spend the night in a spa-bath overlooking NYC in a beautiful suite, or relax on a private balcony overlooking the ocean in Tahiti, but if you REALLY want to see a place it’s 100% possible on a budget. Read on for money saving tips for the 3 biggest purchases of your trip. Continue reading “Too poor to travel? Never!”

How do I afford to travel so much?

This is a great post on how to travel longer for cheaper!


20160915_135218-01 Hiking in the Colorado Rockies

Happy Holidays my dear readers and fellow adventurers. This seemed like an appropriate topic to cover on the holiday 🙂

Yes I know this article has been done a million times, by much better bloggers and more experienced travelers than myself. However, I never get tired of reading these articles and getting new ideas.

I also believe that travel and experience is exceptionally unique and should by tailored accordingly. Thus, the crazy safari jungle vacations of one might be a night mare to another and hostels may seem like a dream to some and a bad horror movie to others.

So let me tell you in brief how I afford to travel, some basics on how much I travel, how much it costs, and then in the future delve into the details of each item that I address quickly here. I’ve placed links throughout of…

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