What is Sunsets & SeaBreezes?

So you’ve found yourself on my blog – and you’re probably thinking who is this person? What is this all about?? How did I get here?!

Unfortunately I can only answer two out of three of those questions – you’ll have to figure out how you got here on your own! Please keep reading if you want answers to the other two questions though….

Who am I? My name is Kelly and I have over 10 years of travel industry experience. This has made my bucket list a mile long and my love of this big blue marble we call Earth even stronger.

Why Sunsets & SeaBreezes? Growing up on the west coast of Australia I was spoiled with beautiful ocean sunsets every day, and the daily ‘doctor’ (the seabreeze) that used to flow through the house and cool us all down on a hot summers day.

What IS it though? I’ve made this business to bring my passion for travel to everyone who is interested!


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